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Reading Months

The Leaders Reading Club at the end of 2017 introduced a new initiative called READING MONTHS. Starting from January 2018, Sierra Leonean writers will be profiled and introduced to the people of Sierra Leone, with a focus on schools, polytechnics, colleges, universities and other training institutions.

We believe that authors of books are themselves readers. Presenting them to the public in a more systematic way, will arouse the interest in our schoolchildren to read and also aspire to be authors. The first Sierra Leonean writer considered by LRC is Professor Osman Alimamy Sankoh (Mallam O.) He will nominate a colleague author for February 2018 and he/she will nominate for the succeeding month. The process will continue until the end of the year.

LRC is looking for support from the general public to support this initiative. With a small budget of Le1,500,000 we design and print posters which we distribute widely.